Welcome Bonus at the Best Bingo Sites in the UK

Bingo is a much-loved game of probability. Still, you could significantly increase your chances of striking a lucrative ‘bingo!’ win by using special bonuses when playing online. The most common and popular of all the bingo bonus types available to online players in 2023 is the welcome bonus. Welcome bonuses are used by bingo sites and other iGaming platforms as a means of attracting and retaining new customers, but it’s not just operators who benefit from their presence. If you’re a bingo lover based in the UK and want to learn more about the best welcome bonuses, where to find them, and how to gain eligibility, keep reading for everything you need to know about the humble yet mighty welcome bonus!

Welcome to the World of UK Bingo Bonuses

Before we delve deeper into the world of UK bingo bonuses, it’s important to define a welcome bonus. A welcome bonus is a perk, offer, or reward provided exclusively to new members by a bingo site or online casino. Although the terms and conditions of all welcome bonuses can vary between platforms and bonus packages, it’s worth noting that all new members will usually be required to do to unlock their bonus sign-up or make a first deposit. Although more experienced returning players can also expect to receive regular reloads and top-ups throughout their playing time, welcome bonuses are strictly reserved for first-time visitors.

Welcome Bonus Options at the Best Bingo Bonus Sites in the UK

The UK has long had a strong association with bingo. However, the recent wave of closures of traditional land-based bingo halls has led to marked changes in how the British play the game. The rapid growth and diversification of the online bingo sector have led to a wider demographic of players and fiercer market competition, whether from other exclusive bingo sites, online casinos, or wider-reaching gaming platforms. As a result, more bingo sites in the UK now provide their members with a comprehensive selection of perks and benefits. Popular welcome bonuses are among the most effective ways operators get new blood on board. But with such a wide variety of sites and welcome offers at your fingertips, which welcome bonus options should you be looking out for if you want to get the best out of your playing time? Let’s take a closer look at some of the most common types of welcome bonuses currently being offered by online bingo platforms in the UK:

Deposit Match Bonus – Deposit match bonuses are common in many welcome bonus packages. If you’re awarded a deposit match bonus as part of your welcome offer, the bingo site, online casino, or gaming site you’re playing with will match the value of your first wager, providing you meet the bonus terms and conditions. Because these bonuses essentially double your wager and provide an instant financial boost when you sign up, they remain a popular choice amongst bingo lovers in the UK looking to strike a big win.

No Deposit Bonus – These welcome bonuses come in all shapes and sizes. Still, the common element distinguishing them from other packages is that players are not required to make any cash deposits to qualify for the award. Usually, no deposit bonuses are applied to your account automatically after you sign up with a new platform – alternatively, you may have to input a special code with the cashier. No deposit bonuses are top-rated because they enable gamers to play real money games and generate winnings for free!

Free Spins – Online casinos and bingo sites have converged in recent years, with many gaming providers now offering a mix of casino classics, sportsbook options, and online bingo games. Due to this diversification, UK bingo lovers are often given free spins for slot games as part of their welcome bonus package. This means they can enjoy playing popular real money slot games for free and potentially generate a lucrative jackpot payout. Before signing up for one of these bonuses, ensure you’ve read up on game limitations and the gaming contribution percentage of any specified titles. You can read more about these terms later on this page.

Free Bingo Tickets – These bingo bonuses do exactly what they say on the tin – if you’re awarded free bingo tickets, you can take your place in a digital bingo room without parting with any of your hard-earned real money. The good news is, it’s still possible to generate real money winnings if you happen to strike a ‘bingo!’ when playing via free tickets from the house.

Free Play – Free play bonuses are similar to free bingo tickets, with the main difference lies in the validity of game titles that can be played in correspondence with the offer. While free bingo tickets are eligible with bingo games (and often limited to a select few game titles), free play bonuses are often more versatile, enabling players to enjoy a wider range of games without having to ‘cash in’ to the house.

Newbie Bingo Bonuses – Specially designed to accommodate brand new players, ‘newbie’ bingo bonuses are perfect for first-time players or those looking to get settled into a platform without making any real money deposits. Depending on the nature of their specific bonus terms, new players can enjoy playing in ‘newbie’ bingo rooms and benefit from exclusive rewards and perks not afforded to more experienced online gamers.

Always Read the Fine Print

Whether you’re an experienced player or new to playing bingo and real money games online, you must always read the fine print before committing your time and money to any bingo site. This is especially if you’re considering signing up with a new platform and hoping to benefit from a juicy welcome bonus. Take the time to carefully check and run through all of the specific terms and conditions associated with the welcome bonus offer – this can go a long way in reducing the risk of running into a nasty surprise later down the line. Let’s take a closer look at 5 essential elements of welcome bonus terms and conditions that are worth your consideration when assessing a package or offer:

  1. Wagering Requirements – If you’re new to online gaming and bonus terms and conditions, you’ll need to understand wagering requirements better. Generally, wagering requirements stipulate the number of times you’ll need to place a specified cash wager in order to qualify for the bonus and ‘unlock’ or withdraw any resulting winnings. If your welcome bonus features 10x wagering requirements, you would be required to make 10 wagers before being able to withdraw the winnings potentially earned.
  2. Wagering / Game Contribution Percentage – With wagering requirements in mind, it’s worth noting that different bingo titles may hold varying levels of wagering/game contribution (which can be quantified by a percentage). As a parallel example, online casino games display vast disparity when it comes to game contribution percentage (GCP) – while slot machine games typically hold a GCP of 100%, some classic casino table games, and card games hold a low GCP of 50% or even less. Essentially, this means that while making repeated wagers with one online bingo game could work wonders for your wagering requirements progress, making the same wagers with another seemingly identical game could be counterproductive and see you paying in more cash deposits to the site than is necessary for the bonus.
  3. Game Limitations – Regarding bonus terms and conditions, game limitations refer to rules the house imposes regarding which specific game titles are valid for play using a welcome bonus. While the presence of game limitations in bonus terms can reduce the number of games you can enjoy (which can dampen entertainment value), these can also be disastrous for your wagering requirements progress. This is especially true if the valid game title(s) specified in the bonus terms have low game contributions – always ensure that you read up on bonus game limitations to avoid nasty surprises and get the best out of your bingo session.
  4. Expiration Date / Validity Period – Any welcome bonus’s expiration date or validity period stipulates how long the bonus can be used before it becomes invalid. Because welcome bonuses are only assigned to brand new members of a bingo platform, they’ll only usually be active for a short period after sign-up. Ensure you know your bonus’s expiration date to avoid missing out on any potentially lucrative welcome perks!
  5. Withdrawal Limitations – In the same way that bingo sites may impose limits on the number of games you can play and the value of your initial cash wagers, many platforms also limit the value of withdrawals. This means you could be unable to access the total sum of your winnings if you generate a substantial real money payout when using your bonus. Read up on the withdrawal limitations of your bonus offer to avoid disappointment and ensure that you’re confident with how the ‘cashing out’ process works at your new bingo site before playing or activating a welcome bonus.

Top UK Online Casino Sites Offering the Most Enticing Welcome Bingo Bonuses

If you’re a bingo lover based in Blighty, you’ll be happy to learn that UK players are spoilt for choice when it comes to finding quality gaming sites that feature competitive welcome bonus packages. With around 4 million people in the UK choosing to play online or at a physical bingo hall each week, it’s no surprise that so many bingo sites now provide potentially lucrative welcome bonuses to pull in new punters and attract dedicated fans of the game. But with such a wide array of gaming platforms to choose from, where can you begin when it comes to bagging the best welcome bonuses? Luckily, the ABC Bingo team is at hand to help – consider checking out our recommendations of 5 of the hottest welcome bonuses available to British players in 2023 to help you on your way:

Casino / Bingo Site Bingo Games 2023 Bonus Offer
Gala Bingo 30-ball Bingo / 36-ball Bingo / 50-ball Bingo / 75-ball Bingo 80-ball Bingo / 90-ball Bingo / Slots / Table Games First Deposit Bonus: Deposit £10 for £50 Bingo Bonus plus 40 Free Spins
Double Bubble Session Bingo / Superlinks / 75-ball Bingo / 90-ball Bingo / Slots Welcome Bonus: Deposit £10 for £50 Free Bingo / 50 Free Spins for Double Bubble
Buzz Bingo 75-ball Bingo / 80-ball Bingo / 90-ball Bingo / Speed Bingo / Slots First Deposit Bonus: Deposit £10 for £30 Bingo Bonuses / 200 Free Spins for Fishin’ Frenzy
Heart Bingo 90-ball Bingo / 80-ball Bingo / 70-ball Bingo / 30-ball Bingo / Bingo Blast / Slots Welcome Bonus: Deposit £10 for £30 Bingo Bonus plus 100 Free Spins
Two Fat Ladies 75-ball Bingo / 90-ball Bingo / Progressive Jackpots / Slots Welcome Bonus: Deposit £10 for £88 Bingo Bonus plus 20 Free Spins for Irish Luck

Claim this Offer in 3 Easy Steps

Claiming your welcome bonus offer should be quick and easy. Depending on the type of bonus you’re awarded, you may even be able to claim your bonus offer by simply signing up and inputting your details to the relevant forms within the platform – this is usually the case for no deposit bonus offers, where the player isn’t required to make any real money wagers to unlock the package. To claim a first deposit bonus as part of your welcome offer, you’ll usually need to sign up as a new member, input any provided bonus codes, and finally make your first deposit. Always ensure you’re confident about claiming your welcome offer before you sign up or part with any deposits.

Mobile-Friendly UK Welcome Bonuses

It’s never been easier to play the games you love on your smartphone or mobile device, and we’re seeing more mobile bingo apps and exclusive mobile bingo bonuses serving players based in the UK. If you prefer playing bingo on the move, you’ll be happy to learn that you can benefit from various mobile bonuses from industry-leading providers. These include Bet365 Bingo (where you can enjoy exclusive access to mobile bingo games when you sign up), Paddy Power Bingo (which currently offers a £10 deposit – £40 plus 100 free spins welcome bonus), and Heart Bingo (currently providing free hoodies to new users who spend £10 on the site).

UK Players’ Rating of Bingo Welcome Bonuses

The UK is home to a thriving gaming industry, with an estimated total market size of around £12.6 billion in 2023. Although online casinos and sportsbook sites tend to dominate the market share, bingo sites are hot on their heels. As such, it should be no surprise that both experienced and inexperienced British gamers are more than partial to welcome bingo bonuses, which are often heavily promoted by bingo platforms to pull in new players. Despite their popularity, it’s worth noting that some experienced long-term players favor reloads, top-ups, and cash draws over welcome bonuses. This is because welcome bonuses are quickly nullified after sign-up, whereas other bonuses can be re-used and are regularly reloaded. Some bingo lovers also consider the often excessive wagering requirements and hidden terms associated with some unscrupulous welcome bonuses as a negative point, whereas many top-up bonuses and reloads can increase in value the longer you play.

In Conclusion

Because they can boost your playing balance with minimal effort lucratively, welcome bonuses remain amongst the most popular bonus packages that online casinos and bingo sites employ. Welcome bonuses are a fantastic tool for players wishing to enjoy high-quality gameplay for free or test out bingo sites for compatibility before playing real money games. As well as providing opportunities to boost your account balance and generate substantial real money winnings without making a cash deposit, welcome bonuses (especially ‘newbie’ bingo bonuses) are also great for inexperienced players making their first forays into the game of bingo. Always check bonus terms carefully and ensure you’re playing with a safe and reputable platform to avoid unscrupulous operators or excessive wagering requirements. Shop around for welcome bonuses and don’t feel that you have to jump on the first attractive offer that comes along – if you need assistance finding the best bingo sites and online welcome bonus packages, ABC Bingo is here to help!


As your one-stop shop for online bingo and beyond, ABC Bingo is home to a dedicated team of bingo lovers who know something about playing beautiful games online. If you’d like to learn more about bingo welcome bonuses and you want to get the balls rolling in 2023, take a look at some key questions commonly received by the ABC team.

Are there welcome bingo bonuses for existing players?

Generally, welcome bonuses are reserved for new members. This kind of bonus is only usually applied when a player first signs up with a new bingo platform or makes their first real money deposit with a bingo game on the site. Despite this, it’s still possible for existing players to benefit from a wide selection of perks, offers, and rewards once they’re on board. These usually include reloads, generous deposit boosters, regular cash draws, VIP reward schemes, and potentially lucrative referral bonuses.

Should I always go for the welcome bonus offer?

Welcome bonuses can be a great tool for learning new platforms and enjoying unfamiliar bingo games for free online. However, avoid choosing a playing platform based on its welcome bonus offer alone. The best bingo sites provide both new and existing players with a wide range of bonuses in the long term. By going with a site with comprehensive and generous bonus schemes for regular users, you should be able to continue to reap the rewards and benefits even after you’ve gone through the ‘honeymoon period’ and your initial welcome bonus package has been used.

Can I withdraw my bingo welcome bonus?

It’s certainly possible to withdraw any winnings you’ve generated using a bingo casino welcome bonus, providing you’ve fulfilled all of the specific terms and conditions associated with the bonus. These will depend on the nature of each type of welcome bonus – for example, you would not be able to ‘withdraw’ a playing balance bonus of £20, but you would be able to withdraw a real money jackpot/cash win earned using wagers from the playing balance bonus. You could also withdraw your welcome bonus if it came as a real money prize or reward, although these bonuses are relatively rare. Essentially, as long as your offer’s terms, conditions, and wagering requirements have been met, you’ll be permitted to withdraw any bonus winnings generated without any hassle or headaches from the bingo site.

Are there any restrictions on using a welcome bingo bonus?

Yes. Most welcome bonuses will carry a wide range of terms and conditions, the flexibility of which can vary from site to site and between offers. You may face restrictions like which bingo games are accessible with your specific bonus and how much cash you can withdraw once you generate a win. Most importantly, you’ll likely face restrictions related to the number of times you’ll have to place a cash wager to qualify for eligibility or withdraw bonus winnings. As stipulated earlier in this page, you must know any bonus package’s restrictions, terms, and conditions from back to front before you sign up or make any cash deposits in the online bingo room.

Can I claim multiple bingo welcome bonuses?

Usually, it’s only possible for players to claim a single welcome bonus from any given site – as we’ve learned here, this welcome bonus is usually awarded to new users when they sign up or start playing. Unless your chosen bingo platform enables players to build multiple accounts, you must settle for one welcome bonus. Some players choose to sign up for a range of different gaming platforms to benefit from multiple bingo welcome bonuses at the same time. However, the ABC Bingo team would recommend you choose one reputable site and stick with it! If you make a good choice in this sense, you won’t have to rely on multiple welcome bonuses to supplement you’re playing balance and have fun playing bingo online.