Using PayPal as a Payment Method for Online Bingo

As the market’s most well-known digital wallet provider, PayPal is highly established in the online gaming community and beyond. First established in 1998 as hand-held security software under the Confinity brand, PayPal adopted its current business model in 1999, when its ubiquitous electronic payments system was launched. Today, PayPal serves customers in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide and is generally regarded as having set the benchmark for the wave of e-wallet and e-payment providers that have become prominent since the early 2000s. Despite the increasing prevalence of peers and competitors like Skrill, Neteller, and Paysafecard, PayPal remains an industry-leading force that continues to set the standard – as such; it’s no surprise that PayPal has been accepted by countless iGaming platforms, online casinos, and bingo sites as a means of cashing in, placing wagers and making withdrawals. But what are the main benefits of using the service to play online games like bingo, and where can bingo lovers based in the UK get in on the action using PayPal?

Benefits of Using PayPal as a Payment Method for Online Bingo

The best bingo sites and online gaming platforms enable their members to make deposits and withdrawals using a flexible range of payment methods, from bank wire using fiat currencies to electronic payments using cryptocurrencies and providers like PayPal. The beauty of payment flexibility is that players can pick and choose whichever suits themselves and their pockets best – but why do so many online gamers favor PayPal, and what are the benefits of using this service if you’re a bingo player? The most obvious positive aspect of the service is its speed – PayPal offers famously fast payment processing, with transactions completed in mere seconds. This is an obvious plus point if you’re a bingo player, as you won’t have to suffer long processing times due to bank and merchant security checks and can make near-instant bets whenever you see fit. Another big positive of using PayPal is that you won’t usually have to cover any extra fees, so you can save money by making multiple transactions when playing bingo online. Finally, it’s worth noting that the accessibility, security, and ease of use of PayPal are perfectly suited to gaming online. The provider is already highly established in the world of online gaming and is currently used for in-app purchases and secure payment processing by a range of top companies, including Xbox, Steam, and Playstation.

Online Bingo Sites in the UK that Accept PayPal

If you’re a bingo lover based in the UK, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to finding bingo sites and online casinos which allow PayPal transactions in-house. If you’re one of the many online bingo players who prefer to make fast and secure deposits and withdrawals using the PayPal service, check out the ABC Bingo team’s selection of 5 of the best accessible sites serving UK gamers this year:

PlayOJO – While PlayOJO may be best known for its well-stocked online casino, the brand is also home to an exceptional selection of high-quality bingo games that would suit any player down to the ground. PlayOJO is so proud of its bingo selection that its site even claims to house ‘the fairest online bingo games in the UK.’ New members could even receive a bingo-centric welcome bonus of 50 free bingo games plus 10 free slot machine spins when they make a first deposit of £10.

Bounce Bingo – A lesser-known online gaming platform that enables its players to make the most of flexible payment processing with PayPal is Bounce Bingo. First opened in 2019, this increasingly popular bingo site is part of the famous Dragonfish No Wagering bingo network. Bounce Bingo currently offers new users an extremely generous welcome bonus, including a whopping 105 free bingo tickets plus 10 pending free spins with a first deposit of £10 or more, using the promo code: BOUNCE.

Queen Bee Bingo – Home to 22 bingo rooms and an array of game types, including 90-ball, 75-ball, and 52-ball bingo, Queen Bee Bingo is another popular Dragonfish offering that’s been certified as PayPal-friendly by UK gamers. New members at Queen Bee Bingo who make a first deposit of £10 could unlock a juicy welcome bonus, including 10 free spins and 64 free bingo tickets. Use the promo code: QUEEN.

Chat Mag Bingo – Chat Mag Bingo is a UKGC-approved bingo site hosting an incredible range of over 500 bingo games, slot machines, and casino classics. If you choose to get the balls spinning with this fun and flexible PayPal-friendly platform in 2023, you could start reaping the benefits from the moment you sign up. New users could get a £40 account balance boost to play with once they’ve deposited an initial £10 with the site.

Woolly Bingo – This well-established PayPal-friendly gaming site is a veritable treasure trove for online gamers, whether you’re into slot machines, casino games, traditional bingo, or modern variations. Of all the casinos in this list, Woolly Bingo offers an extremely competitive welcome bonus to UK players – by simply signing up as a member and making a first deposit of £10, you could get your hands on 30 free spins, a £30 bingo deposit bonus and a free spin of the famous Woolly Wheel, which could see you generate considerable winnings from the outset!

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Make Deposits at PayPal Bingo Sites

Choosing PayPal as a preferred payment method could save you heaps of time, whether that’s time spent waiting for transactions to process or inputting payment details each time you decide to cash in or withdraw. Luckily, setting up a PayPal account and linking it to your bingo platform is quick and easy. By following these three simple steps, you could be playing your favorite real money PayPal bingo games before you even have a chance to say ‘bingo!’:

  1. Open a Paypal Account – Setting up a PayPal account could not be easier, and the site will guide you step-by-step. On average, the entire process of setting up your PayPal should take just 15 minutes. Essentially, you’ll need to select an account type, create login details, input some personal data, link your credit or debit cards, and verify your email address. Simple!
  2. Add Payment Methods to Account – Once your account has been created and verified, you can make payments and transactions via PayPal with any supported sites or mobile apps. If you want to use PayPal to play bingo online, select this service as your preferred payment method with your chosen bingo platform.
  3. Deposit Funds at a Paypal Bingo Site – Now that you’ve selected PayPal as a preferential payment method, it’s time to start playing and putting your new PayPal account to good use! Remember to check the welcome bonus terms and conditions associated with your PayPal bingo site to ensure you don’t miss out after making a first deposit.


Enticing PayPal Bingo Offers for UK Players

Welcome Bonuses – PayPal bingo sites use Welcome bonuses to’ welcome’ new players and help them get settled in. Usually, welcome bonuses come in the form of free bingo tickets, first deposit bonuses (match bonuses or deposit boosters), and no deposit bonuses. In order to trigger most no-deposit bonuses, you’ll have to sign up as a new member of the site.

Cashback Rewards – Cashback bonuses and cashback rewards work by supplementing your playing balance and giving you ‘cash back’ after you lose a bet. If you’re playing online bingo and you lose your deposit, you could claim back a percentage of your lost bet using cashback bonuses. Remember that the house usually caps this cashback percentage, so don’t expect to get all of your money back!

Free Bingo Tickets – If your PayPal gaming site awards your free bingo tickets, you can enter real money bingo rooms and play high-quality game titles for free without having to cash in! Free bingo tickets are dished out as bonuses by many gaming sites and can be picked up by both new and existing members.

VIP Reward Schemes – Designed to reward loyal players, VIP reward schemes are potentially lucrative bonus systems currently employed by a wide range of iGaming sites in the UK, including PayPal-friendly bingo destinations. Site members can accumulate loyalty points as they play and exchange these for valuable gifts and rewards – the good news is, the longer you play with a platform (and the higher you ascend the VIP tier system), the better the bonuses you’ll receive.

Referral Bonuses – Many gaming sites offer members the chance to build loyalty points and gather bonuses and rewards by referring their peers. The nature of your referral bonus package will depend on its terms and conditions, so ensure you read up on these before spreading the word and telling your friends!

Deposit Bonuses – Deposit bonuses most often come in the form of deposit match bonuses (where the house ‘matches’ the value of your bet) or fixed deposit boosters (wherein the house will supplement your wager with a fixed amount, as deposited into your account playing balance). You’ll usually receive a first deposit bonus as part of your welcome package when you sign up with a new PayPal bingo platform.

Fees and Costs Associated with PayPal Transactions at Bingo Sites in the UK

Although PayPal generally features fewer fees and associated costs than other payment methods, the level of these can depend on your account type. If you have a regular consumer account (as opposed to a merchant, seller, or business account) and you make a transaction with another consumer, you won’t have to pay any fees. However, if you make a payment or withdrawal with a domestic bingo site, you’ll likely have to pay a flat rate of 2.99% of the total transaction value. Fees can vary between regions and countries, so read up on these if you’ll be playing bingo with an offshore site away from home.

Security and Safety Measures of PayPal for UK Bingo Sites

PayPal prides itself on its safe and secure payment processing, with this perceived extra security being a major motivator for many consumers who choose to use the service. Because PayPal never shares any of your financial details with merchants or sellers (essentially acting as a ‘middle man’ between buyer and seller and only providing your email address), sending and receiving money is much safer. With its respective Buyer Protection and Seller Protection policies, PayPal aims to cover both merchants and consumers in case of an irregularity or transaction breakdown.

Play and Pay on-the-go with PayPal Mobile App at UK Bingo Sites

Due to its sleek user-friendly design and near-instant transaction triggering and processing, PayPal is perfectly suited to mobile gaming, especially when it comes to online casino and bingo games. If you’re one of the many UK gamers who prefers playing your favorite games, keeping up with your progress, and making transactions on the move, you could find that using PayPal enables you to significantly speed up the payment process and spend more time playing online bingo.

Common Issues with PayPal and How to Resolve Them

Like every software provider, the PayPal service is not invulnerable to issues and problems. Relatively common issues users face include blocked payments, problems with currency conversion, credit card rejections, and payment processing failures. Luckily, the brand offers comprehensive customer support, and any issues can usually be solved pretty easily via the Help Centre. Most notably for UK PayPal bingo site users, the site’s high-security status can lead to issues with encryption when using online gambling or iGaming sites. If you are playing bingo using PayPal, ensure you’ve enabled the service’s Encrypted Website Payment feature in the site settings.

How PayPal UK Bingo Sites Compare to Other Payment Methods

PayPal transactions are highly secure and more private than bank wire payments, which means your data and financial details could be awarded extra protection – you’ll usually have to provide your email address to make a payment rather than your bank details. Another benefit of using PayPal over a traditional bank wire transfer is the fact that gamers can use it to make payments and withdrawals with websites that do not support transactions with their specific bank. For instance, if you typically use bank transfers to make gaming deposits, but your bank of choice is not accepted at your new bingo platform, PayPal could save the day. While other electronic payment providers like Skrill and Payoneer may have gained popularity in recent years, these could still be considered inferior to PayPal because they’re not as widely accepted or supported – at present, PayPal has around 429 million active users worldwide. Contrastingly, some e-wallet providers like Google Pay Send may provide a favorable alternative to PayPal because they do not impose any fees on transactions made. In contrast, PayPalard, whereas PayPal charges 2.9% for each transaction.

Is PayPal A Good Choice for UK Bingo Sites?

Here at ABC Bingo, we would wholeheartedly recommend Pasuitable choice of payment method for online bingo players in the UK. This is due to the fact that it provides highly secure and near-instant international payment processing, which is perfectly suited to playing real money games online. It also offers extra security, transparency, and protection should anything go wrong or should you lose out to an unscrupulous bingo games provider.


Are there any disadvantages to PayPal Bingo?

One of the main disadvantages of using PayPal to play bingo online is that you’ll have to part with a 2.9% fee of your winnings. If you fail to meet the site’s terms and conditions, you could also find yourself ‘frozen out,’ unable to access your funds until the suspension is lifted.

How long do PayPal withdrawals take?

A standard bank transfer withdrawal from PayPal can take between 1-3 working days, but it’s possible to withdraw your funds within as little as 30 minutes for a minimal extra fee.

Can I use a credit card to deposit via PayPal?

It is possible to deposit money into your PayPal account balance using a MasterCard debit card and Visa. To add funds to your balance from a debit or credit card, go to your PayPal wallet and select the ‘add a debit or credit card option, then transfer your deposit value as necessary.

Can I use my existing PayPal account for bingo payments?

It’s possible to use your PayPal buyer’s account to make payments, deposits, and withdrawals with bingo games as long as the bingo platform supports PayPal and you have the necessary funds in your account balance.

Are there any monthly fees for being a PayPal customer?

PayPal does not charge a monthly fee or impose any restrictions regarding minimum balance or account inactivity.