Best 2023 UK Bingo Sites with No Wager Bonus

Bingo players in the UK have a large and diverse range of online bonuses, with some common examples including welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses, and VIP rewards. Unfortunately, many seemingly attractive bonus offers are ruined by excessive wagering requirements, which dictate how many times a player must place cash wagers to withdraw their bonus winnings. Luckily, more and more iGaming platforms and bingo sites in the UK are now starting to provide access to no wager bonuses, which do not require extra wagering to benefit from or unlock. If you want to benefit from the best no wager bingo bonuses and save real money when playing online, check out ABC Bingo’s guide to UK no wager bonuses for 2023:

Let’s Start with the Definition of No Wager Bonuses

Before we delve deeper into the potentially lucrative and exciting world of UK no wager bingo bonuses, it’s first important to define no wager bonuses. Unlike a regular bingo bonus, where players are required to make a set number of wagers to qualify for a bonus withdrawal (e.g., 30x), no wager bonuses do not typically feature any wager requirements. Excessive wagering requirements can make or break a bonus offer. Many bonus packages impose wagering requirements of 30x – 50x, which can be counterproductive and end up with you cashing in more to the casino than you’ve earned through your bonus. With no wager bonuses, you won’t have to part with any of your real money in order to qualify for the bonus. This is great news for bingo players and online gamers of every level. They can shop around for bonuses without worrying about hidden costs and wagering requirements that will see them making wagers for weeks after claiming their initial bonus. Winnings generated from no wager bonuses are usually paid out to the player either in cash (cash credit / cashable bonus) or further bonuses (such as free spins or playing balance boosters), and you’ll typically be able to play a limited number of game titles as part of the deal. But what are the most common types of no wager bonuses you’ll likely find when playing in the UK this year?

Types of No Wager Bonus

Free Bingo Tickets – Free bingo tickets are common no wager bonuses that are extremely popular with players at every level. Unlike bingo bonus cash (which can often be wagered with a wide variety of bingo games), free bingo tickets are only usually valid with a limited number of specified game titles. If you’re lucky enough to strike a big win when playing with free bingo tickets, you’ll be happy to learn that your winnings are cashable! This means you’ll receive a real money payout when you cash out.

Free Spins for Slot Games (Bonus Credit) – Many online casinos now provide access to high-quality bingo games from industry-leading software and gaming developers. As such, you could find that you’re awarded a free spins bonus to use with various online slot games as part of your no wager bingo bonus. Around half of the no wager free spins bonuses available in the UK can be redeemed with bonus credit, which means you’ll be awarded with further bonuses rather than a cash payout if you hit a ‘bingo!’. Remember that any bonuses awarded from a win generated with a no wager bonus could be subject to wagering requirements. So, read up on the terms and conditions before signing up to avoid any surprises later down the line.

Free Spins for Slot Games (Cash Credit) – If you’re awarded a cashable free spins bonus, you should be able to play your free spins with a valid slot game on the site and then withdraw any winnings as real money. As you might expect, cashable free spins bonuses are top-rated and a common feature of many bingo sites hosting casino game content. Unlike bonus credit-free spins, you won’t have to worry about dealing with hidden wagering requirements when the time comes to cash out from the house using these bonuses.

Bingo Bonus (Non-Withdrawable) – These bingo bonuses are similar to standard deposit bonuses but typically feature a minimum wagering requirement of just 1x. While the actual bingo bonus is non-withdrawable, it is possible to withdraw any cash winnings you generate while playing. Just look out for excessive terms and conditions and hidden charges before signing up for a non-withdrawal bingo bonus to ensure you don’t waste your time.

Where to Find Such Bonuses

The UK is home to over 3.5 million registered bingo players, with over 600 physical venues still in operation and hundreds of domestic bingo sites operating online. This means that while it’s relatively easy to find a bingo site to play with, it can be a little more tricky to identify high-quality platforms that also provide a comprehensive range of no wager bonuses. Luckily, the ABC Bingo team is here to assist you in your search for the best bingo bonuses online. If you stick to our recommendations and always read terms and conditions carefully before playing, you could find potentially lucrative no wager bonuses that could significantly affect your playing balance for the better.

Are No Wager Offers a Common Type of Bonus in the UK?

Most bingo bonuses in the UK carry wagering requirements, which is not surprising considering that online casinos and bingo sites are businesses designed to make money. Although no wager offers may be slightly less prevalent, it’s still possible to find plenty of these online if you know where to look, that is! If you’re looking for the best no wager bingo bonuses from reputable UK operators, check out ABC Bingo’s selection of 5 sites to keep your eye on:

The Best UK Casinos Offering No Wager Bingo Bonuses

Rainbow Riches Casino – As a new bingo casino on the market (and an offshoot of the popular Gamesys slot Rainbow Riches), it’s no surprise that this site offers new users an impressive selection of no wager bonuses. The Rainbow Riches site currently offers UK players the chance to pick up either 30 free slots or a £50 free bingo tickets when they sign up and play or deposit £10.

Mr Q – Mr Q is another reputable platform that provides some great options for UK players searching out the best no wager bingo bonuses. At present, British Mr Q users could get their hands on a staggering 2,160 free games of bingo as well as 20 free spins for the blockbuster Play’n GO slot title Book of Dead. To qualify for this, all you’ll need to do is make a first deposit of just £10.

Double Bubble Bingo – Double Bubble Bingo is another brand new gaming site from the Gamesys team that provides some delectable no wager bonuses for UK players to enjoy. These include either 50 free slot spins or a £50 free bingo bonus, which can be claimed by depositing and playing just £10 on the site.

PlayOJO – PlayOJO is a top Pragmatic Play site in business since 2017. As one of the most popular online gaming and bingo sites in the UK, PlayOJO boasts a wide and impressive selection of bonuses, including lucrative no wager options. The site currently offers a ‘no wagering ever’ bonus in which you could be awarded an initial 30 free spins, which could be extended to 50 free spins if you strike it lucky when spinning the reels! All you’ll need to do to qualify is make a £10 deposit.

Tombola Bingo – Boasting a vast library of slots, instant-play games, and bingo variations, Tombola Bingo is a versatile British iGaming site proven especially popular with bingo lovers. Tombola Bingo offers a tasty no wager welcome bonus in which new players could pick up a free £20 to play with once they deposit £20 with the site.

Pros and Cons to Consider

Pro: Due to the lack of wagering requirements, you should be able to quickly and easily withdraw any cash winnings whenever you see fit, rather than making multiple cash wagers to unlock your bonus prize.

Pro: When searching out new games to play using your no wager bingo bonus, you won’t have to factor in the game contribution percentage (GCP) of specific game titles with wagering requirements in mind – this means that you can play the games you want to without worrying about wagering progress.

Pro: It’s worth remembering that if your no wager bonus is cashable, you’ll be able to retain all winnings accumulated if you’re successful at the games table. This includes the initial value of your deposit and the full value of your bonus winnings.

Con: In most cases, no wagering bonuses are applicable to slot games using free spins. The over-representation of slots in no world of no wager bonuses is not suited to bingo players but is aimed more at online casino gamers.

Con: Unfortunately, no wager bonus offers are typically valued lower than standard bonuses. This means that, although you won’t have to suffer prolonged wagers, it could be harder to strike a lucrative win when playing online with a no wager offer.

Con: Some no wager bonus offers impose strict limitations on cash withdrawals, which means you could be forced to withdraw your winnings in stages rather than in one handy lump sum. Always check withdrawal limitations before signing up for a no wager bonus package.

No Deposit vs. No Wager: Which Bonus Type is Better for Players?

Which type of bonus is better depends wholly on your circumstances, including which online games you want to play. It’s worth noting that no wager bonuses can be of a lower value than some no deposit bonuses. Still, you must read up on specific bonus terms regarding game limitations, withdrawable winnings, and cash earnings to gauge which is better for you. Remember that most no deposit bonuses will be subject to wagering requirements, which should be a key factor in making the decision.

Are Free Bingo Tickets a Better Alternative than No Wager Bonuses?

Again, whether free bingo tickets or no wager bonuses are preferable to you will depend wholly on your motivation for playing (that is, are you looking to generate cash winnings or have fun playing free games?) and your online game of choice. Because many no wager bonuses offer free spins for slot games, hardcore bingo players may be better off with free bingo tickets, which provide solid access to quality game content despite holding less inherent value than many no wager bonuses.

UK is the Paradise Land for the Best Wager Free Offers

If you’re a bingo lover partial to freebies, perks, and rewards, the UK is one of the best places to play in the world. Due to the thorough licensing and regulation of iGaming platforms and operators serving UK players, you should be able to find a wide array of safe and reputable playing platforms where you can make the most of no wagering bonuses without having to worry too much about unfair gameplay, hidden costs or excessive wagering requirements. Would you like to learn more about no wager bingo bonuses? Check out this list of questions and queries commonly received by the ABC Bingo team:


Why are wagering requirements so crucial in a player’s decision when it comes to bonuses?

The presence (or lack of) wagering requirements in bonus terms can significantly affect its potential value. When shopping around for bingo bonuses, you must consider wagering requirements – at ABC Bingo. We would advise steering clear of bonus packages with wagering requirements of 40x or above if you want to access your bonus winnings within a reasonable timeframe.

Are no wager bonuses eligible for other casino games besides bingo?

Yes! If you choose to play with a versatile iGaming platform that provides access to bingo games and online casino titles, you could find that your no wager bonus can be applied to various game types. Typically, this will include slot games. Always read up on game limitations before signing up for a no wager bonus to avoid disappointment.

Can I find no deposit offers with no wagering requirements?

While it is possible to find bingo offers that combine both no wagering and no deposit bonus elements, these are relatively rare. You’ll often be required to cash into the bingo site or make a minimum initial deposit to benefit from a no wagering offer. This is especially true if you’ve picked up a no wagering bonus as part of your welcome offer from a new gaming site.

Can I win real money playing online bingo with free tickets?

It’s possible to generate real money winnings when using free bingo tickets, as long as you use your free tickets to play real money game titles. As always, reading up on a bonus package’s terms and conditions is best to ensure you’ll gain access to real money winnings when using free bingo ticket bonuses.

Are no wagering bingo offers really as good as they seem?

Generally speaking, no wagering bingo offers tend to feature fewer terms and conditions than typical bingo bonuses and do not feature inherent wagering requirements. Despite this, the value of a no wagering bingo offer can depend on its specific terms and the platform you choose to play with. By going with a reputable platform, as recommended by ABC Bingo, you should be able to reap the benefits of your no wager bonus, even if it’s not as potentially valuable as a standard deposit bonus.